More than Chowder

The Complete Culinary Experience!

While the focus of Chowdafest is definitely on chowder, soup and bisque, 
we also have fun foodie sections to round out your pallet.  
There's Something for Everyone!

Get a taste of Italy and sample freshly baked artisan breads from Chabaso Bakery dipped in gourmet pasta sauces. Try crisp fresh salads from Ready Pac. Then visit our "MINI"strone tent sponsored by MINI of Fairfield County and try our first Italian themed chowder from Mario Batalli's Tarry Lodge Restaurant!

Enjoy our "Beverage Bog" presented by Ocean Spray
Sample the refreshing juices of Ocean Spray, teas Harney & Sons who started in CT, coffee from the New England Coffee Company, even a local line of sodas! Be sure to sample Craisins from Ocean Spray also in the booth!

Sweet Treats!
Farm Fresh Milk, Ice Cream, Cookies,
Cheese & Craisins!

Top off your chowder sampling with farm fresh ice cream from The Farmer's Cow made by Connecticut Farms! Pair their farm fresh milk with decadent cookies from Tate's Bake Shop.  Also from New England farms is the award winning cheeses from Cabot Creamery and yogurt from ButterWorks Farms from VT which you can top with quinoa!  Ocean Spray Craisins and famous NECCO wafer candy too!  

After your slurps and sips, sample the artisan tortilla chips and gourmet salsas from chef Rick Bayless's Frontera Foods plus decadent guacamole made in MA by Chica de Gallo. Then rate the chicken tortilla soup from Geronimo of New Haven and Fairfield CT who are entered into the competition!

"Little Necks" and the Canine Cafe

Kids are an important part of Chowdafest!  Not only do they get to vote just like their parents, the have their own booth where they can do fun activities coordinated by Kids Helping Kids and decorate free chef hats* from Stop & Shop.

Chowdafest just isn't kid friendly, it's pet friendly too.  If you bring your well behaved leashed pet, bring him or her to our NEW Canine Cafe for a treat.  Sorry, pet's can't vote.

NEW - The Great Mac and Chili Challenge Booth

Chowdafest has a sister event that's held on the first Sunday in November every year.  Instead of chowder, soup and bisque, it's all about mac n' cheese and chili.  This year we'll have a booth where you get a taste of what to expect at The Great Mac and Chili Challenge!
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