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Q;  When and what time is Chowdafest held?
A:  Usually the first Sunday in October every year but because a date conflict with Columbus Day, we're holding the event Sunday Sept 30th in 2018.  Door open at 11AM and the event concludes at 3PM.  Chowdafest is rain or shine.  Refunds are generally not given other than in the of chance of severe weather of which the event will be rescheduled.

Q:  Where is it held?
A:  We call Sherwood Island State Park in Westport CT home.  CT's first state park is conveniently located right off exit 18 on I-95

Q:  Is there plenty of parking?
A:  Yes, and it's all FREE.  Our volunteers will help you find a good parking space and if you end up further away than desired, we have convenient bus shuttles to help you get around.  

Q:  How much is it?
A:   We're the best deal in town.  You enjoy unlimited sampling of chowder, soup, bisque, beverages and sweet treats for just one price:  

- $20 Adults (save $5 with your AAA card)
- $5 kids (6-12)

Q:  How do I get tickets?
A:   Tickets are available both online (click here) and at the door.  Getting your tickets online will help you save time minimizing any wait there may be in line.  We recommend arriving early and come hungry!  

Q:  Is there a charity involved?
A:   Absolutely.  Since Chowdafest's inception, we've been supporting the fight against hunger and for the past few years, we've been supporting Food Rescue US headquartered in Norwalk CT.  To find out more, see their tab above.  

Q:  Someone in my group is handicapped, can they come?
A:  All our welcome but our event is located on the grassy park grounds adjacent to the beach. It can be difficult to get around.  What we recommend is first dropping them off at the entrance before parking.  We have plenty of picnic benches where they can take in the atmosphere of the event where you can bring chowder, soup and bisque samples to them or any of the other treats you can sample.

Q;  Can I bring my pet?
A:  Unfortunately not in 2018 as our event is just one day before the park allows pets on October 1st.  Sorry, nothing personal against you and your pet - just a park rule.

Q:  Is it just chowder?
A:  It's much more than chowder, soup and bisque.  It's a complete culinary experience that includes an Italian, Mexican, beverage and sweet treat sampling sections (click here for details)  There's something for everyone!

Q  Is there alcohol and music?
A:  The park is alcohol free and does not allow amplified music currently.  Bring your Ipod or phone for tunes.  There's plenty to drink at our beverage bog, it just isn't booze. Hopefully down the line you'll be able to enjoy an adult beverage but not this year.

Q:  Are there vendors selling stuff?
A:  Nope!  Chowdafest focuses primarily on our amazing restaurants and sponsors only. There are no arts & crafts or someone looking to paint your house etc.  All our sponsors are tied to Chowdafest either sampling or helping us orchestrate the event.  We do sometimes sell merchandise with our logo on it but that's not always the case.
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