Your Participation Helps Feed the Hungry and more!
We Support Food Rescue US!
Chowdafest supports several charities but the primary beneficiary is 
Food Rescue US.  Hunger isn't the result of a lack of food.  It's a problem because food is poorly distributed.  We love Food Rescue US because it's solving two problems at once.  They rescue unused food from restaurants, grocery stores and even farms.  Then they redistribute it to the myriad of shelters that need it.  By doing so, they are also helping the environment, as this food would normally get thrown out, filling up our landfills.
Food Rescue US is currently in 5 states.  

With your attendance, Chowdafest will fund over a HALF A MILLION MEALS this fall so bring your friends to our event this fall. 

To learn more about Food Rescue US, make a donation or to become a food rescue volunteer, click their logo above!

Chowdafest also supports Kids Helping Kids
and Friends of Sherwood Island
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